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International Travel Issues for Americans

Đang chơi bàiFind helpful resources for Americans before traveling outside of the U.S., including how to exchange money, get visas for certain countries, and sign-up for government travel programs and safety alerts. Learn how to apply for an international driver's permit.

U.S. Citizens Remaining in a Country Outside the U.S.

  • Enroll in the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP) at to receive alerts and be located in an emergency.

  • In case of an emergency overseas, contact the nearest U.S. embassy or consulate at .

  • .

U.S. Citizens Returning to the U.S.

  • When you return to the U.S., you may be asked to .

  • Đang chơi bàiGet the latest . 

U.S. Citizens Traveling to a Country Outside the U.S.

, including entry and exit rules and quarantine requirements once you enter a country. This information changes frequently. Check back for updates.

Đang chơi bàiThe CDC has including:

  • Risk assessments by country

  • Đang chơi bàiFrequently asked questions about canceling or postponing trips

  • Advice for airline and cruise ship travel

 Foreign Nationals Traveling to the U.S. From Another Country

Đang chơi bàiEntry to the U.S. has been suspended at any point during the 14 days prior to their scheduled arrival to the United States.

Đang chơi bài to help expedite your international travel. The Department of Homeland Security offers several options based on how you are traveling between the U.S. and other countries and how often you travel outside the U.S.

Đang chơi bài

Infographic explaining Department of Homeland Security Trusted Traveler programs.
  • Đang chơi bàiDo you travel by plane within the U.S. or abroad, or drive or walk across the border into Canada or Mexico? You can skip the long security and customs lines at the airport or border crossing by enrolling in a “Trusted Traveler” program from the Department of Homeland Security.

    Đang chơi bàiFive programs serve different travel routes and needs. They use streamlined procedures with reserved lanes and kiosks to get pre-approved travelers on their way quickly.

    Each program has a different enrollment fee but all come with a five-year membership. To enroll, apply online, then attend an appointment at an enrollment center. Visit for current prices and to learn more.

    For travel within the U.S. and U.S. territories by air

    Program: TSA PreCheck

    Đang chơi bàiWhat makes it faster: Dedicated fast lanes for airport security screening. No need to remove shoes, belt, light jacket, laptop, or liquids at airport security.

    Eligibility: U.S. citizens and permanent residents

    For travel into the U.S. from abroad

    Đang chơi bàiProgram: Global Entry

    Đang chơi bàiWhat makes it faster: Use a kiosk to clear customs, immigration, and agricultural processing. No paperwork

    Other benefits: Dedicated fast lanes for vehicles and walkers entering the U.S. from Canada and Mexico. Includes TSA PreCheck

    Đang chơi bàiEligibility: U.S. citizens and permanent residents, citizens of certain other countries

    For travel into the U.S. from Mexico by land

    Đang chơi bàiProgram: SENTRI

    What makes it faster: Dedicated fast lanes for vehicles and walkers

    Other benefits: Faster entry into the U.S. for U.S. citizens and permanent residents following an international flight. Includes TSA PreCheck.

    Eligibility: Citizens of any country who have the required documentation or visas to enter the U.S.

    For travel between the U.S. and Canada

    Đang chơi bàiProgram: NEXUS

    Đang chơi bàiWhat makes it faster: Use a kiosk to clear customs at U.S. and Canadian airports. Dedicated fast lanes for vehicles and walkers at northern border crossings

    Đang chơi bàiOther benefits: Faster processing for marine traffic entering the U.S. from Canada. Includes TSA PreCheck

    Eligibility: U.S. and Canadian citizens and permanent residents

    For travel into the U.S. from Canada or Mexico by commercial carrier

    Program: FAST (North or South)

    What makes it faster: Designated FAST lanes for commercial truck drivers transporting goods

    Eligibility: U.S. and Canadian citizens and permanent residents; Mexican nationals


of the country you are planning to visit.  
  • If you are planning to rent a car, contact the rental car company to and auto insurance requirements.  
  • Get an International Driving Permit (IDP):

    • People with American driver's licenses can get an IDP only from the  or .  National Automobile Club (NAC) is no longer issuing IDPs as of October 1, 2016. 
    • The cost is $20 for a permit plus shipping and handling fees.  
    • Beware of .  

    Note: The AAA also offers an  required in Brazil, Uruguay, and other countries in the Western Hemisphere.

     list of exchange rates for over 20 countries against the value of the U.S. dollar.  
  • Check with local banks to learn how to buy currency for another country.
  • Compare the fees for using currency exchange booths, exchange machines, and ATMs. 
  • If you use a credit card or ATM card abroad, the exchange rate will be different than the rates at currency exchange booths.

    Cash Limits When Traveling Abroad or Entering the U.S.

    • Look up the  for their currency guidelines and country information.
    • Find out if you must you take out of the United States.
    for assistance. You can also visit "" on the Department of State (DOS) website. 

    Learn How the Department of State Can Help in an Emergency

    Đang chơi bàiEmbassies can help with:

    • Đang chơi bài and foreign crises

    • Lost or stolen passports

    • Đang chơi bàiMedical emergencies

    • Đang chơi bàiCrime or arrest

    • Đang chơi bàiMissing persons

    • Parental child abductions

    • Death abroad


    Find Help Getting Money in an Emergency Abroad

    Đang chơi bàiThe Department of State can assist you in an emergency . If you have no other way to get money, you may be able to get a temporary loan through the DOS or a .

    Note: If you get a loan through DOS or a U.S. Embassy or consulate, you must repay it.  Call 1-800-521-2116 from the U.S. or 843-746-0592 from abroad if you have any questions.

    to receive the latest travel updates and information.

  • Đang chơi bàiCheck from the Department of State (DOS).

  • Review .

  • Check for all of the countries you will visit.

  • Know .

  • Check driving and insurance requirementsĐang chơi bài, if you plan on driving.

  • - You need an American passport, even if flying from Hawaii.  
  • - You need an American passport.  
  • Commonwealth of the - Does not require an American passport.  
  • -  Does not require an American passport if coming from the U.S. mainland or from Puerto Rico.  
  • Puerto Rico - Does not require an American passport if coming from within the U.S.
  • Non-U.S. Citizens have to present a valid passport or other valid travel documents.

    Freely Associated States

    Countries that used to be administered by the United States are considered "Freely Associated States." They are considered foreign countries and U.S. citizens will need passports to travel there:

    as far in advance as possible to find out:

    • Whether you must apply for a visa to visit the country, and when.

    • If the country has any other requirements you must meet before you can enter.

    Find additional information in the U.S. Department of State's .

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