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 to learn the 5 steps on How a Bill Becomes a Law

Terms Used in Congress: Grades 5-12

Đang chơi bàiPrint these activities and test your class’ knowledge.

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Đang chơi bàiYou can add terms to the list from:

Learn About Laws and How They are Made:  Grades 7-12

Use the How a Bill Becomes a Law infographic to teach students about lawmaking and discuss the process with these questions.     

  • How does a bill fail?
  • Can Congress pass a bill without the President’s signature?
  • Can the President pass a law without congressional approval?  
  • Where can I find the bill proposed by my congressman?
    • Look up your congressman (senator or representative) in your state and find a  bills he/she sponsored and which committees he/she is in.
    • How long has he/she has been serving and for which party?
    • Of the bills he/she has sponsored, how many became law? Do you know the bill?

Research a Bill:  Grades 9-12

Đang chơi bàiUrge your students to learn about a real bill that they might know, whether that is a historic civil rights law or a local bill creating a road or national park. Students can use . They can also look up bills that are stuck or died on the way to the president’s desk.

Đang chơi bàiThe class can:

  • Prepare group presentations or individually track a bill to explain their status or outcome. This will help students visualize the path a bill takes to becoming a law in real life.
  • Break up into small groups and create a timeline and present it to class detailing the status of the bill.
  • Extension Activity: Research what made that bill a success or failure, budget concerns, controversy, etc.  


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