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How to File Your Federal Taxes

Đang chơi bàiFederal income tax returns are due on July 15, 2020. This provides taxpayers an extra three months due to the coronavirus pandemic. A new law enacted in December 2019 has extended tax breaks but caused delays for many 2019 tax forms, instructions, and publications.

Đang chơi bài . This three-month extension to the normal April 15 deadline comes in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

Đang chơi bàiThis extension does not apply to state and local tax returns. To make sure you file those on time, . If you do not file and pay your taxes on time, you will be charged interest and a late payment penalty. For taxpayers due a refund, there is no penalty for filing a late return.

What the New December 2019 Tax Law Changes Mean for You

A new law signed in late 2019 includes many changes that may affect your 2019 tax return, due to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) by April 15. These changes are separate from the big 2017 tax law changesĐang chơi bài that went into effect last year.

New Law Extends Tax Breaks for Many

The Further Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2020, was signed into law on December 20, 2019. It includes provisions from two acts:

    • This act makes important changes to retirement savings plans. For example, it changes the age at which you must start taking distributions from 70 ½ to 72.

    • Đang chơi bàiLearn about more to retirement and education savings plans. 

    • Đang chơi bàiThis act reauthorizes many tax credits and deductions for tax years 2018 - 2020 that had expired at the end of 2017. These include deductions for tuition and fees and for mortgage insurance premiums. 

Đang chơi bàiOther changes in the new law include:

  • Reduction in the medical expense deduction floor

  • Đang chơi bàiEnergy-efficient homes credit

  • Employer credit for paid family and medical leave

  • Work opportunity credit

  • Special rule for determining earned income 

  • Đang chơi bàiRepeal of maximum age for traditional IRA contributions

  • Expansion of Section 529 plans

Đang chơi bàiFor the complete list of affected tax law provisions see the .

These tax breaks are retroactive; you can go back and amend your 2018 tax return to claim them for that tax year. 

Changes Cause Recalls and Delays for Tax Forms, Instructions, and Publications

Đang chơi bàiThe timing of the law has caused . In some instances, the IRS has updated a tax form but not the instructions for it. You may want to check: 

  • Đang chơi bài for updated forms

  • Đang chơi bài for drafts of soon-to-be released forms and instructions

  • to see all revisions for all years of all forms, instructions, and publications

Đang chơi bài .

File a Federal Income Tax Return

In order to file your taxes, you'll need a few things. First you'll need to know how much money you made. Then you'll need to decide whether to take the standard deduction or itemize your return. Finally, you'll need to submit everything by July 15. The deadline for filing federal taxes in 2020 has been extended to July 15 due to the coronavirus crisis. 

Steps to File a Tax Return

  1. Gather your paperwork, including:

  2. . Filing status is based on whether you're married. The percentage you pay toward household expenses also affects your filing status.

  3. Đang chơi bàiDecide how you want to file your taxes. The IRS recommends using for the easiest and most accurate returns.

  4. Determine if you are taking the standard deduction or itemizing your return. The new tax law increased the standard deduction but .

  5. Đang chơi bàiIf you owe money, , including applying for a payment plan.

  6. Đang chơi bàiFile your taxes by July 15.

Find out how to check the status of your tax refund.

Contact the IRS for Tax Help

For the fastest information, the IRS recommends finding answers to your questions onlineĐang chơi bài. You can also . This option works best for less complex questions. Keep in mind that wait times to speak with a representative may be long.

(with or without a payment)

  • Đang chơi bài (applications and payments)

  • Đang chơi bàiYou can also check a for a mailing address.

    Đang chơi bài . This does not grant you more time to pay your taxes.

    Đang chơi bàiBe aware that the regular deadline for filing 2019 federal tax returns had been extended three months, to July 15, 2020, due to the coronavirus crisis.

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    Last Updated: November 30, 2020