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Đang chơi bài .


Watch the Field Trip to the Money Factory video (also on )

  • Assign  (PDF) for students to answer while watching the video ( (PDF))
  • Discuss answers

Đang chơi bàiShow students the .

Provide students with coloring supplies and paper. Have students design their own bill and allow them to choose presidents and images that they think represent America.

  • Have students discuss the reasons behind their designs with the class.

Extension Activity: Have students pick a country and learn about the currency in that country.  How does it look different than U.S. Currency? What is the exchange rate?


  •  - Bureau of Engraving and Printing
  •  - Federal Reserve Bureau
  •  (PDF) - Federal Reserve Bureau
  •  - U.S. Mint
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Last Updated: July 15, 2019