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Travel for Federal Employees

Learn where to get the current policies on travel by U.S. government workers.


Federal Travel Regulation Policies For Federal Employees

The FTR includes policies on:

Other Policies That Apply To Federal Employees on Travel

Other travel-related policies that apply to federal employees include:

  • The General Services Administration (GSA) publishes continental U.S. per diem rates.  GSA reevaluates the rates every fiscal year. These rates don’t include , which may be reimbursed as a separate expense.

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    The Department of Defense establishes rates for locations outside the continental U.S.

    Đang chơi bài . These include: 

    • , which offers hotel rooms at or below the government lodging

    • Privately owned vehicle (POV)

    • The , for paying travel expenses

    • Conference and meeting

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    Last Updated: June 26, 2020